Meet The Makers

Monica: Owner, Maker, Designer.


At ten years old, Monica rescued one of her mom's worn sweatshirts from the trash, wanting to turn it into something she could use. She didn't know how to sew, but her patient grandfather helped guide her through the process, and that old sweatshirt became a coordinated midriff-baring top and elastic-waistband miniskirt. She loved it, wore it all the time, and still smiles thinking about her entry into the world of sewing and design.

Monica’s passion for transforming fabric into something functional and beautiful has deepened over 20 years. From this passion, Little Pigeon was created in 2010.

Operating an independent, handmade business is a lot of fun. Monica’s favorite parts are the process of designing new products and the connection between the maker and the buyer. She loves to hear new ideas from customers and get a chance to incorporate them into new Little Pigeon designs.

Monica’s proud to be part of growing number of small independent handmade businesses and constantly inspired by the ingenuity and tenacity of the Portland independent business community.

When not working, Monica spends time with her husband Sean and daughter Lilah — crafting and hiking near their home in Portland, Oregon

Chiarra: Maker, Production Assistant



Chiarra’s sewing career began when she was young, making Halloween costumes with her mother. Her love of sewing solidified when she started working in theater in college. Chiarra spent five years studying costume design and sewing costumes in the University of Oregon Theater Department Costume Shop. She moved to Portland and continued sewing for different theaters and freelance designers.

Chiarra’s a big supporter of high craftsmanship and hand-made.

Chiarra likes to see a product made from start to finish. At Little Pigeon, she gets to participate in every part of the process, from prepping the materials to packing it up and seeing where it goes. She loves being a part of the small business process and working in a cooperative atmosphere.

“We bounce ideas off each other and work together, and I get to watch how the business grows and changes with each decision. Little Pigeon is definitely the most fun place I have ever worked.”

Chiarra also works on her own sewing projects — focusing on elaborate costumes and corsetry — as well as her own business Knot for You. When not tied to a sewing machine, she enjoys reading fantasy books, exploring outside, and checking out Portland’s local breweries.