About Us


Our Story

Here at Little Pigeon, we like to think of ourselves as more than just crafty creators of handmade, customized laptop sleeves and bags. Sure, that’s a big part of it. But we also prototype, test and re-test our products to ensure that our design and materials are high quality, durable and meticulously constructed. We focus relentlessly on quality assurance and we take our job seriously. Seriously.    

 Customer satisfaction and impeccable craftsmanship are as important to us as the fabrics that we choose. It’s been this way since we opened shop back in 2010. When we first started out we made some pretty damn adorable baby gear that we sold on Etsy. Since then our inspiration has evolved into customized laptop cases which bring together form and function with a touch of your personality. We’re proud to have delivered thousands of customized cases and bags to grateful customers all over the globe.



Our designs are inspired by years of experience, but we leave the details to you. Choose your device, your colors and your optional monogram and we’ll get to work handcrafting the perfect case for you and your laptop.


An Amazing  Fit

We believe in serious prototyping and we’ve worked hard to make sure our designs fit your laptop just right. If you order a case for a Macbook Air 13, it will be made to fit a Macbook Air 13—not just something close. Have an unusual laptop? We have more options than the average maker. Have a REALLY unusual laptop? Give us dimensions and we’ll make a case that fits.



We consider every detail—from the materials to the patterns to the packaging. We start with high-quality fabrics like heavyweight cotton, soft microfiber, beautiful linen, and recycled leather. We meticulously design, stitch and fit your case, then hand-package it for you and your loved ones.


How It Works

We believe in handmade over mass-produced. Every Little Pigeon case is crafted when you order. Make your laptop case selections. We’ll make it within 7 days and ship. We can’t make the mail go faster, but most items arrive to US residents within 2 weeks upon ordering. Optional gift wrapping with handwritten note available.


 Take peek inside our studio, nestled beneath the picturesque evergreens here in Portland, Oregon, and get to know the team that makes it all happen…

 The Little Pigeon team includes maker and designer Monica  and amazing production assistant and stitcher Chiarra.

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