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Sometimes clients ask: “how deep is shiatsu?”
I employ a range of pressure and I strive to match appropriate pressure to the needs of a given client as well as the season.
A session can be very gentle energy work, or it can be deep. physical structural work, or anywhere in between.  Lets talk about it!
Experience Pain Relief
Feel Energized and Deeply Relaxed
The style of shiatsu which I practice is a comprehensive whole body treatment which is designed to promote circulation, encourage more fluid movement of the body, improve alignment, ease pain and tension and promote general-well being.  Clients often report feeling relaxed but energized after a session.
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Shiatsu is a Japanese style of acupressure.  Literaly the word means didgit or thumb pressure, but it has come to refer to a general style of bodywork.
The techniques employed in shiatsu are varied, typically a session may involve specific pressure on acupoints (areas which reflex to the interior of the body), broad compressions, gentle rocking, passive stretching and enlivening percussions.
This may sound complicated, but at the end of the day a shiatsu session has many of the benifites of a good massage.
Typically the shiatsu recipiant remains clothed through out the session.  Many of the techniques I use work better through a layer of cloth.  Also it allows for facilitated stretching without complicated draping.  generally I do not perform hybrid shiatsu-swedish massage sessions.

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